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Formed in 2014 in Brighton, the Gospel Youth are an English emo-pop outfit featuring former members of Fleeing from Finales and the Auteur. Debuting in late 2014 with the three-song EP Kids, singer Samuel Little, guitarist Julian Bowen, bassist Kev Deverick, and drummer Kurtis Maiden hit the road before returning in 2015 with a pair of EPs, Empires and The True Lost Boys. Featuring a melodic yet heavy alt-pop approach, the band embarked on an ambitious project to release a new single each month for the duration of 2016. With their raised profile, the Gospel Youth netted a deal with Rise Records and delivered their debut full-length, Always Lose, in July 2017. During that summer the band did their first US tour on Warped Tour ’17, with a co-headline tour in the U.K with Milestones to follow up and finish of 2017.



Label: Rise Records/Velocity

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