After over a decade of touring the world in Boston-based band A Loss For Words, Matty Arsenault founded Reclaim Music Group, an independent artist management company, in 2014. Since growing alt-pop trio PVRIS from hometown heroes to marquee headliners, Matty has been able to expand Reclaim into a six-person family, complete with a diverse roster of artists spanning all genres.

Home to artists like Set It Off, Cemetery Sun, shallow pools and In Her Own Words, Reclaim Music Group provides artists with the support they need to bring their careers to the next level. Reclaim Music Group is committed to helping artists achieve their goals with our family of passionate, experienced artist managers, marketers, assistants and more.

Meet the family

Matty Arsenault

Founder/CEO | He/Him


Ricky Butt

Manager | He/Him


Georgia Rawson

Manager | She/Her/They/Them 


Sarah Deflaminio

Marketing | She/They


Katrina Colangelo

Management Assistant | She/Her