Growing up only a mile apart, Maggie Schneider and Alex Downtain knew they wanted to live, eat, and breathe music–only for 19 years, they didn’t know the other existed. While Maggie’s teenage years were spent performing in musicals and writing songs in her bedroom, Alex toured in a pop punk band and pursued a career in production. After sharing the stage at Atlanta’s alt safe haven, The Masquerade, the pair began working on demos for Maggie’s solo project in 2018. By 2019, Alex joined her band, and by 2020, they would introduce themselves to the world as glimmers. The pair used the pandemic as a time to fine-tune their sound and tell a story bigger than themselves. Their two sister EPs, Cluttered Heart and Worlds Apart, paint two interconnected pictures of the highs and lows of hopeless romanticism. The lead single, “Not Good At Goodbyes,” garnered praise from NPR and Alternative Press and swiftly became a fan favorite across the globe. Another standout track, “Scared To Lose,” debuted during the band’s 2022 performance at So What?! Music Festival and took these themes one step further through thoughtful lyrics and bright piano leads. After a whirlwind year of touring with bands such as UNWELL, Rarity, and Telltale, Maggie and Alex decided to focus on writing and recording new music. From tracking with ZK Productions (Mayday Parade, Cartel) to fine-tuning the mixes with Jonathan Roach (Lakeview, Trey Lewis), the duo began to discover the next phase of their sound. The result was glimmers’ 2023 single, “Jaded,” which sheds light on the constant cycle of comparison as a woman in the music industry. The acoustic rendition of the track would later feature Tay Jardine, the iconic frontwoman of We Are The In Crowd.  glimmers has since been touring, opening for Set It Off, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and The WLDLFE, and releasing two more heavy-hitting tracks, “Back To Hell” and “Bad Influence.” Taking pride in what they’ve done thus far as an independent band, Maggie and Alex are gearing up to release a full LP of songs that they are passionate about. “All we want to do is inspire people to follow their dreams like we’ve been able to do together,” Schneider says. “If you don’t try, then you’ll never know.” 

Record Label: None | Booking Agent: None

Management: Katrina Colangelo

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