The ladies of shallow pools have wasted no time continuing to create throughout the past year and are hitting the ground running in 2021 with a beautifully blended balance of modern indie-pop, and the absolute best of what the resurgence of 80's synth power has to offer. Together, Ali Ajemian (drums), Glynnis Brennan (vocals), Jess Gromada (guitar) and Haley Senft (bass) – all hailing from Boston - give us the post-pandemic empowerment we’re longing to feel. The band strives to encourage inclusivity among their listeners. As members of the LGBTQIA+ community, shallow pools aim to create a safe environment for those to comfortably and uniquely express themselves. This message is echoed in their upcoming releases, including “ice water” releasing January 15, 2021 via ESI Records. Their sound has been compared to artists such as HAIM, The Aces, and The 1975, while being lyrically reminiscent of the female empowerment of Alanis Morissette. For inquiries and more information on shallow pools please visit

Record Label: ESI Records / Reclaim | Booking Agent: None

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