When you check into a hotel, you immediately step into another mindset. It may not be home, but you can still rest, nonetheless. Without knowing what happened before or what will go down after, you add to the history of each room. In the morning, you leave and essentially return to reality. Broadside explore this phenomenon on their fourth full-length album, Hotel Bleu [SHARPTONE]. The trio—Oliver Baxxter [vocals], Domenic Reid [guitar], and Patrick Diaz [bass]—architect a thematic vision as expansive and engaging as their seismic and soaring alternative pop hooks. After posting up north of 100 million cumulative streams and building a devout audience, the band deliver their boldest, brightest, and biggest body of work yet.

Record Label: Sharptone Records | Booking Agent: Matt Andersen (US)

Management: Matty Arsenault & Ricky Butt


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Lucid (Ft. Devon Papadol)